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We received a family recipe collection from Randi.  She wrote:
"I typed out the recipes of my great-grandmother, Jenny Sampson. (also known as hell-cat Jenny for her work in breaking horses as a young woman!) These were hand written in faint pencil in a journal type book with her notations. Some were her original creations but as you can see many were gathered from friends and family members.  I  have no children to pass these along to so I would love others to be able to enjoy them, you may use them in whatever way you like. Regards, Randi"

Gramma Great Recipe Collection


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Rescued Recipes -- these are handwritten recipes found "homeless" at estate sales.


PDF Files for Recipes
For your convenience, we have created an Adobe PDF file for almost all of our heritage recipes.  You will need to download Adobe Reader to your computer to print these files.  Heritage recipes that have been submitted by authors and that appear in their books do not have a PDF file.


We are currently adding all of our recipes books to LibraryThing


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