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Holly, Thank you, thank you for the hot milk cake recipe. I had one like it of my Mom's. When she passed away many recipes on small cards disappeared. That was one of them. I remember her making cupcakes, birthday cakes, Washington Pie and Strawberry Shortcake, all out of this same recipe. Talk about versatile...I can't wait to try more of your recipes. Reminds me of my childhood. Cecilia

"What a wonderful site and project!!! Thank you, M Lampkin"

"I am in the process of compiling a Heritage Cookbook for our church. We are going to celebrate our 125th anniversary this fall. So I was Googling about Heritage Cookbooks, etc. I Googled "heritage recipes" and found your site. It is SUPER! I enjoy most the stories along with the recipes. Jim"

"This is a lovely idea for a website, but it would be even nicer if it were made into a repository. Actual photos or digital images of the original recipes written in the author's own hand would make this a priceless collection. Best of luck to you! Nancy "

Hello, I just had to tell you that several years ago when I was trying to figure out what to do with my grandmother's recipe cards, I found your site. You inspired me to start my own site, gramsrecipebox.com, and I have really enjoyed the journey! Thanks for the inspiration and long live vintage & handwritten recipes! :-) Sincerely, Martha


General Comments:

"This is the first time that I have visited this site, but it certainly won't be my last!"

"Your web site is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful information provided on your site! Sally"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate this recipe (Butter Roll Dessert). I intend to make it for my family now that I know the basics again. I love the heritage recipes. I guess I feel the old recipes are still the best. Thanks again."

"You are so lucky to have such a wonderful collection of these old cookbooks. I just love them myself and with no kids and only 3 nieces, none of which enjoy cooking, I fear that when I'm going, they're wonderful posterity will be lost. These older books have the best recipes and love to read the comments! Thanks for sharing a peek into yours! "

"Just a note to say what a brilliant site. 1st X-mas with out mom, and your site brings back great memories! Merry Christmas!"

"Thank you for your website and the history you are saving. I love nothing better than to go through old cookbooks for those hidden gems!"

Homemade Sweet Pickle Relish

"Good Morning!  I have visited your site several times, so it was only natural to search your files when my daughter, Jenni needed a "pickle product" recipe for her 4-H exhibit.

She chose JoAnnia's Sweet Relish recipe.  It was easy for Jenni to follow, and the result was a delicious, dark green relish with red flecks.  The judge liked it too, because Jenni won the Champion ribbons for her division.  Her relish will travel to the Indiana State Fair for judging in August.

I just wanted to thank you for posting this recipe, and let you know that it is now part of our family's Heritage too!  Cindy and Jenni"


"The 'Sweet Relish From JoAnnia' recipe was terrific.  I added 1 tsp of celery seed to the recipe and it is just as good as name brand relish. Thanks so much, Patricia"

Altie's Old Fashioned Sweet Tasting Potato Salad With Dressing for Waldorf Salad & Deviled Eggs

"I was looking around for a good potato salad to use my leftover Easter Eggs and I found Altie's Old Fashioned Sweet Tasting Potato Salad With Dressing for Waldorf Salad & Deviled Eggs, Too! From Susie. I made it the same day and my boyfriend and me just loved it. He hugged and kissed me and said: "That is why I just love coming home to you! You cook like a Goddess!" If there is a better compliment, I haven’t heard it yet!

Thank you Susie and Heritage Recipes!
Carol Ann"

Tomato Dumplings

"My wife and I really appreciate the wonderful Tomato Dumpling recipe. Most recipes include onion and other ingredients that our mothers did not use in their tomato dumplings".

Blackberry Wine Cake

"Hi, I was so happy to get the Grandmothers' Blackberry wine cake recipe. I want to make the sponge cake but I don't know exactly what to do so could you send me the recipe and also tell me if she used a broiled frosting on it. My Mom died without me getting these recipe out of her head and on to paper. You (Nancy) were so smart to do what you are doing and sharing your wonderful memories with us. My husband died two months ago and I am trying to do for my children now before it is too late for them to get my recipes I have stored in my brain. Take care Barbara"

Soldier's Easy Fudge

"I just wanted to comment on the Soldier's Easy Fudge recipe... There are several recipes that are simular to this..... they were put in news papers to help families send something homemade to a loved one.... I have a Civil War one....but back then the families went to war and camped out in tents away from the fighting....and they made this candy and meals over open fires! I also have a World War II one that is simular..... both of these were passed down for generations..... I am in the process of typing them up for a book... and someone told me to check this recipe out..... Thank you Colleen "

Boiled/Sea Foam Frosting

"I just stumbled across your site and read the posts about boiled frosting. It brought back a funny memory of my mom, who as a young bride in the ‘40s decided to surprise my father with a homemade red velvet Valentine’s Day cake. Apparently, she was using a recipe for boiled frosting, because she recalled that the recipe said to cook the frosting, “until it spun a nine-inch thread.” Not having any idea what that meant (but being an avid seamstress!), she obediently cut a piece of thread nine inches long and held it over the pot while the frosting cooked, waiting for the thread to spin. A good while later, when it was clear the thread was never going to spin, she decided it must be long enough, took the pot off the heat and frosted the cake. The cake was a thing of beauty to look at, my father said, but when it came time for dessert and he tried to cut it, the knife wouldn’t penetrate the frosting. Finally, using both hands and all of his considerable strength, he did succeed in getting the knife through the frosting. Unfortunately, when he lifted the knife to make a second cut, the frosting came off in one rock-solid piece – sort of like a cake helmet. I don’t believe my mother ever attempted boiled frosting again! My mother’s been gone for over five years now, but I have many wonderful memories of her. This piece of family lore is one of my favorites."
Ethel's Jack Mackerel Cakes

"Just wanted to share with you that I tried the recipe the other day - and first time at it, was such a HIT! I put the pictures of the cakes on my blog and I think a good number of people are actually reading it! Thank you so much for creating a place for these recipes that will last forever :-)!  My best regards, Mei"

Pear Honey

My husband remembered is grandma's pear honey...I'd never had any so didn't know how to make it. Then, a found your website! He is 75 and the elders have passed and he is pre-diabetic so he can only have a little bit at a time...most is once a week. He is delighted! My thanks to whoever turned in this recipe. It is my first pear honey, and my first time making any type of "jam" without using Sure-jell. What a great joy all of you involved in this have given me...your're the BEST! Patti


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