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Raisin Filled Cookies
From to Saltville (VA) Centennial Cookbook
Reprinted with permission from the Friends of
the Museum of the Middle Appalachians

This Raisin Filled Cookie recipe is one of many recipes and stories that can be found in The Saltville Centennial Cookbook, A Century of Good Cooking, 1896-1996.  Out of print for many years, it has been recently reprinted by the Friends of the Museum of the Middle Appalachian and is available again at the Museum of the Middle Appalachians’ store (276.496.3633), at $20 per copy. Funds from the sale of the book go to support the museum. 

The cookbook contains over 110 recipes, photos and articles from and about the cooks in the Saltville, VA area.  Nearly every recipe includes a short "memory" about its cook -- both the recipes and the stories are interesting to read with a flavor of southwest Virginia region. 

Raisin Filled Cookies

3 cups warm water
2 cups brown sugar
3 cups raisins
5 T. flour, heaping
Mix flour and brown sugar well.  Add to warm water, stirring until well mixed.  Add raisins and cook of medium hear until thickened.  Take from heat and allow to cool while mixing dough.

Cookie Dough:
2 cups brown sugar
3 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla
1 cup butter
1 tsp. baking soda
4 cups flour – more if needed
Cream sugar and butter, add eggs and vanilla.  Mix baking soda with flour and add to sugar mixture.  Roll out on a well floured pastry board until real thin.  Cut with a biscuit cutter laying one slice on lightly greased cookie sheet.  Put 1 tablespoon of filling in the center and lay a slice on top.  Mash edges together.  Bake at 425 degrees until done.

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