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Poppy Seed/Nut Horns

From Jacky

This heritage poppy seed nut horn roll recipe is from my Great Grandmother, who was the pastry chef for Franz Josef, the Emperor of Austria-Hungary pre WWI, and that is where she met my great grandfather who was the tailor. We always called these poppy seed or nut horns.  My grandmother used to make her own poppy seed filling but I have found that the pie filling works just as well.  These are very buttery - mmmmm!

Poppy Seed Nut Horns

1 pkg dry yeast

8 C flour

1 lb butter

1 t sugar

4 egg yolks beaten

1 pint half & half cream

1 lb butter

 Mix first 4 ingredients like pie dough.  Add beaten egg yolks and half &  half.  Mix well. Roll out and on one half of dough slice the butter and fold dough over (note this will get very slippery). Let rest 20 minutes.

Use 1 quarter butter for each time you slice into dough do this 4 times and then roll out and cut in squares.  Fill with nuts or poppy seed (pie filling).  Roll up from opposite corners (like a small croissant
shape).  Bake at 375 until done for about 15-20 minutes.

 Sprinkle with powder sugar when done.

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