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Dandelion Greens Recipe

I am not sure if this really fits in the "recipe" category or not but your recipe search reminded me of a veggie (dandelion greens) that my Mom used to make. It was during The Great Depression Dandelion Greens Recipe from Heritage Recipesand times were tough for a lot of people. My father worked the WPA (Works Projects Administration). We lived in the country, in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. He raised chickens and I am sure my mother cooked those chickens in every possible manner that had ever been thought of......roast chicken, fried chicken, chicken fricassee, chicken ala king, etc etc. 

During the spring she would add dandelions as a vegetable. We had plenty of dandelions, and she would pick the newest tender leaves. She washed them and boiled them like spinach. They were served with butter and salt. My father, added a splash of vinegar to his portion. This must have been rather a popular dish as I recall one day, when a group of "town folks" asked if they could come on the property and pick some dandelion greens.  I wonder how many people under 40 know that dandelion greens are edible?


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