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Split Pea Soup
From Helen Ford (Kimler), Submitted by Deirdre

Split Pea Soup Heritage Recipe Baked Chicken Salad

Although not hand written, I remember my mother making this on many occasions. This is still the recipe I turn to for split Pea Soup.

1 lb. dried split green peas

1 ham bone

1 large onion

1 handful parsley

A small bunch of celery including leaves

4 or 5 carrots peeled

Salt and pepper to taste

4 quarts water
Pinch of whole Thyme (optional)

Combine everything but carrots and after water comes to a boil turn light low and simmer all day. Put stock through a strainer and add chunks of carrots, cooking until carrots are done. Serve with croutons: Cut sliced rye bread into small cubes and brown in butter in skillet, stirring so they donít burn.


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