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From Susie

 Here's a different soup recipe my Mom found in a magazine, many years ago. We all agreed it was a "keeper!" (I since, added the cheese to it.) Now, I always try to have Carrot Juice, Carrots & Velveeta on hand during the winter months. This soup makes up quickly and tastes great, even right after it's made! I like this soup so much, I always double the recipe!  Enjoy. 


Creamy Carrot Cheese Soup

Saute, together, in a large saucepan or small stockpot:

2 Tb Butter

1/2 c Onion, finely chopped

Blend in:

2 Tb Flour

Slowly add:

2 c Milk, whisk with above ingredients till smooth.


1 1/2 c Carrot Juice (WalMart carries a 32 oz glass container - "Lakewood Organic Pure Carrot Juice" - place any leftover juice in a plastic container, & freeze.....be sure to give it a little head space!)

1 1/2 t Salt, plain or seasoned

White Pepper, to taste

A few shakes of Garlic Powder

And - if you can find it a little Ground Celery Seed Powder, to taste. (I buy the celery seed powder from a spice shop......it's great in any soup recipe!)

Heat soup till steaming hot, stirring often, then add:

1 small bag Baby Carrots, Sliced & pre-cooked in the micro till tender.........don't overcook!

Finally, add:

1/2 t Parsley Flakes

8 oz Velveeta, cubed, stirring till melted and smooth

If the soup, at this point, isn't as thick as you'd like - just thicken it further with a little cold milk with some cornstarch stirred in. I usually do this, as I like my soups to coat the spoon!


If desired, serve with Oyster Crackers or Croutons on top. Freezes well, too......just whisk, when reheating, as it tends to separate alittle.



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