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Tante Helen's Cranberry Salad
From Jamie

Cranberry Salad Recipe from Heritage RecipesAfter graduating high school in 1978, I lived with my Aunt Helen & Uncle Don for 2 years.  Tante Helen would make this cranberry salad for all the "special" days of the year, Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas and anytime I could con her into doing it!  My Tante passed away in 1981 & I think about her often.  We had a very special relationship & this recipe cranberry salad makes me feel like I'm sharing her with others.  Our family absolutely loves it as do all of our friends.  You can change it around a bit depending if you like nuts or not.  So, please, enjoy!

Tante Helen's Cranberry Salad

Recipe Ingredients:

1 bag frozen cranberries
1 bag mini-marshmallows
2/3 - 1 cup granulated sugar
1-16oz can crushed pineapple, drained
1-lg container Cool-Whip
Any type of nut if desired (I don't put them in as too many are allergic)

Recipe Directions:

Grind the cranberries in food processor (makes an unholy racket so make sure everyone's awake!), mix with marshmallows & pineapple (you may add the nuts here if desired).  Sprinkle with sugar and stir well.  Refrigerate overnight stirring occasionally.  Just before serving, fold in Cool-Whip.  This will keep for several days in the refrigerator, some juice will come to the top, but just stir it back into mixture.  YUUUUMMMMY!!!

You could probably add shredded coconut & Mandarin oranges if you want, but I've never altered it from the way Tante Helen made it.

Note: I freeze the cranberries as they tend to mush up if you don't.  I also like mine slightly more tart so I use less sugar, however, when I'm taking it out to a gathering, I will add at least 3/4 cup.


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