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Sweet Homemade Mayonnaise Dressing
From Susie

1 cup Mayonnaise (Don't use "salad dressing" - such as Miracle Whip!)

1/2 cup Sugar (I've started subt. with the "Splenda for Baking," that's 50% sugar.  You only use 1/4 cup. Regular Splenda would probably work just as well, too.)
 1/4 cup leftover sweet pickle juice (when you use up the pickles always save the juice, in the jar, for this recipe! There was always a jar of leftover pickle juice in the  back  of our frig, when I was growing up.) [Editor note: for Susie's pickle juice see Fire and Ice Sweet Pickle Recipe.]

Blend all dressing ingredients together with wire whisk till thick & smooth. Store in a covered container in the frig. I sometimes make up extra to have on hand for the other recipes it's used in.


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