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Grandma B's Apple Banana Salad
From Mary Ellen

My 87-year-old father remembers his mother "always" making this Apple Banana Salad.  I've never known anyone other than a relative to have ever even heard of it; nor have I ever seen a written recipe.  My grandmother taught her daughter-in law.  Mom taught her daughters; I've taught my son.  We all love it.  My 13-year-old nephew even eats any leftovers for breakfast.

Grandma B's Apple Banana Salad

As with many recipes, how much you use depends on how much you want to make.
Peanut Butter, creamy
Orange segments

In a large bowl, make the dressing by mixing with a spatula approximately equal parts mayonnaise and peanut butter...though most of the family likes a bit more peanut butter.  The dressing should be creamy but not runny.

Core, quarter then cut apples into smaller than bite size pieces.  Fold the apples into the dressing as you cut to avoid browning.

Peel and slice the bananas lengthwise.  Cut each long slice into smaller than bite size pieces.  Fold in gently.  The best bite includes both apple and banana with enough dressing to hold it together.  The salad can be served immediately or chilled, covered, for a few hours.  If made too far in advance the dressing will separate. 

My son likes mandarin orange in his salad.  Dad likes chopped nuts.  You could use crunchy peanut butter.  While our family favorite may not be the prettiest salad you'll ever serve, it can't be beat when served with roast or fried chicken or a baked ham.


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