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Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler
From Susie 

I remember my motherHeritage Recipes for Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler making this old fashioned peach cobbler.  When I married, I - like most new brides - asked Mom for several of her tried and true recipes. Though she had the peach cobbler one written out on a faded recipe card she told me it originally came out of our own, local, Presbyterian Church Cookbook - 1st printed in 1947 (which has been reprinted since, due to it's popularity.) It was, originally, submitted by my Aunt Lucille.  I will always remember this "heritage" recipe, as printed in that little red home town cookbook, where the measurement for  butter (1/4 c) only said, "Butter, size of an egg."





2 - 1/2  c  Sliced Fresh Peaches (or may also use peeled apples or berries)

2 Tb  Butter

1 c  Fruit Juice (orange juice works well)

3/4 c  Sugar 
Heat the above ingredients till warm & sugar is dissolved.  You will pour the peach mixture on top of following batter.

1/4 c Butter

1 c Sugar

3/4 c Flour

1 t Baking powder

1/2 c Milk

1/2 t Salt
Beat together till smooth.

Spoon batter into a greased, deep baking dish. Top with fruit mixture. Batter will rise up through the fruit giving all a delicious flavor. Bake 45-55 min at 400 degrees till golden and bubbly. Serve each Peach Cobbler serving warm with a little milk or cream, vanilla ice cream or cool whip on top.

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