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Feta Cheese Pies
From Becky

This is the best thing (Feta Cheese Pies) I have ever eaten, and I got the recipe from my aunt.  I think she got it either while visiting Greece or in relation to that trip somehow.  That branch of my family has become estranged, due to forces beyond me, but I knew I had to get the recipe before it was too late.  I wrote it on scratch paper nearly fifteen years ago and I never transcribed it.  Its covered with greasy spots and cheesy spots and I hold onto it as a good memory.  I have modified the size of the Filo strips just to cut preparation time and because--really--no one could possibly eat just one tiny triangle anyway.

Feta Cheese Pies

2 eggs
melted margarine or butter to taste
8 oz. Feta Cheese
8 oz. Cream Cheese (or Neufatchel)
1 lb. Filo/Phyllo pastry thawed

Let the cheeses soften a while at room temperature, then beat them together with the eggs.  OK if still a LITTLE lumpy.  Put in fridge for one hour to stiffen.  After that, lay out the pastry dough (divided into 2 piles for easier cutting) and cut it into 2"x16" strips.  You will roll/fold them up 2 sheets deep (the sheets are REALLY thin and delicate).  Brush or dribble a little butter along each one of these 2-ply strips and put a heaping tablespoon of cheese mix on the end.  Fold/roll it up in triangles (like a flag is folded or an elementary school paper "football")  tuck the end underneath and place on your baking sheet.  Bake at 375 degrees for 20 min.  Try to fit them on the same rack, but it will take more than one pan.  Don't preheat the oven too soon because it will take you an hour to roll these suckers up, but believe me, it will be worth it!  Serve them fresh out of the oven to maintain crispness, they aren't as good reheated, but if you must reheat--use the oven, not microwave.
I often have to ask a store employee where the Filo dough is, and nobody has ever heard of it, but they usually do have it somewhere, frozen.  Sometimes it is with the pie crusts, but sometimes not.

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