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Homemade Butterscotch Pie
From Angel

My Great-Grandmother used to make these pies, and passed it down to her daughter, My Grandmother...and her to me. G-grandmother was a descendent of Annie Aldrich who married JD Rockefeller Jr., and a descendent of President Richard Taft. This recipe was a all time favorite amongst the entire family, and itís surely not for a beginning baker. It also takes awhile to perfect it, but once itís Mastered, it's surely WELL WORTH your efforts. And itís a special treat to be passed down for generations to come. Once someone forgot to add the flour to these pies, and my G-grandmother grabbed them, threw them back into the pot, and started adding the flour...might have been a little lumpy since it wasnít added at the right time, but w/this pie..NO ONE CARES!!! LOL.

Homemade Butterscotch PieHomemade Butterscotch Pie
If you don't cook the filling long enough the filling will run when the pie is sliced. Butterscotch pie is simply a Brown Sugar & Butter pudding made with egg yolks. The pie gets its butterscotch flavor from replacing granulated sugar with brown sugar. Cream pie fillings have to be stirred constantly (we used a wire whisk) or they'll scorch. When stirring, be sure to reach into the corners of the saucepan because the pudding tends to cook quicker in those hard-to-reach areas.
The filling for each recipe takes about 10 minutes or longer to thicken.
2 C. Scalded Milk
1 stick of Butter
1 Ĺ C. Light Brown Sugar (2 lb Bag=5 cups)
2 HEAPING Tbs. Flour
2 Egg Yolks
1 teaspoon Vanilla
1 Pinch Salt
Baked Pie Shells

Step 1:
Begin by Heating Milk on Med. Heat. Keep it heating on back burner while you start.

Step 2.. Beat Egg Yolks, and set aside.

Step 3: Put Butter in Large Heavy Bottom Sauce Pan and Melt. Add Brown Sugar. Bring to a Boil on Med. High Heat, Stirring Constantly, with a wire whisk for approximately 4-6 min. You will smell it when it starts to Caramelizes. It will start to smell stronger, and turn a dark Caramel Color. (My best Pie's have been when I've cooked it for as long as I can and bring it to right before it burns). Remove from heat, and add flour, stirring constantly, a little at a time. Quickly take Ĺ Cup of the Scalded Milk, and add it slowly, stirring constantly, to the Egg yolks, so they wonít turn into scrambled eggs.

Step 4: Put Butterscotch Mixture back on the Med. High Burner, and slowly add the scalding milk, (this will sizzle so you have to keep stirring constantly and quickly, or the mixture will harden.) Once Milk is added, mixture should still be bubbling.

Step 5: Add egg mixture, Vanilla, and Salt, and cook for about 5-10 min., till it thickens. Pour into baked pie shells.



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