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Sun Pickles
Found by Colleen and sent to the
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The Request: "My Mom always made “sun pickles” in the heat of summer. She used a gallon glass jar, pickle size cucumbers, garlic, dill and salt. The problem is I don’t remember the ingredient portions! I don’t believe it was ever written down.  The jar was filled with water, covered with a plate or other covering to protect it and literally left in the sun for 5-7 days to process. My children loved them and now I would like to share with my grandchildren as well.  If anyone remembers this, let me know!"

 Sun Pickles

You need a gallon glass jar with a lid and pickling cucumbers to fill jar.

Wash cucumbers well & prick with a fork. 
In the bottom of the jar, place a large stem & head of fresh dill (available in fresh produce aisles of the grocery store usually)

1 or more per your taste of peeled garlic cloves

Pack the cucumbers into the jar.

Mix together well:

6 1/2 cups water

3 1/4 cups white vinegar

2/3 cup pickling salt (not table salt)

1 tsp. alum

Pour the above mixture over the cucumbers. Seal the jar and place in the sun from approx. 5 days. Once opened, refrigerate. It is best to always remove the pickles with a clean fork.


Visitor Comment: Your recipe is correct.....but my mother (who was from Hungary) never used alum and the pickles were wonderful. I do remember though that when she put the ingredients together she would always place a piece of yeast bread on top of the inside of the jar. The yeast would ferment under the heat of the sun and help the cooking process of the pickles. And after the pickles are done (5 days or so depending on how it is) remove the bread and place pickles in the refrigerator. A. Sanders

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