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Gary's Pepper Jelly
From Nancy

In loving memory of my grandmother,
Rethey Jewel Burroughs Wells

Born 1914 in
Guy, Louisiana
Died 1992 in
Polk County, Florida

 My husband, Gary, absolutely loved my grandmother's pepper jelly, slathering it on roasted meats, hotdogs, green beans, turnip greens and many of my casseroles. When I asked her for the pepper jelly recipe just two years before she died, she sent it to me, saying she was naming it after him. Today we grow our own peppers for the jelly, and use it as an ingredient in our secret family barbeque sauce! A milder jelly can be achieved by using less hot pepper and more bell pepper, and by seeding the hot pepper.

Gary's Pepper Jelly

 6 cups sugar

1 cup white cider vinegar

1 cup ground bell pepper

cup hot ground pepper (such as jalapeno)

1 bottle Certo


Mix sugar, vinegar and peppers. Cook over low heat and boil two minutes. Set off, let stand 5 minutes, add Certo, stir well, put pepper jelly in sterilized jars.  


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