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Kitchen Sink Ham and Potato Soup
From Kathy

I work as an office manager for 75 people at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. One of my fellow employees (a 26 year veteran) remembered his dad making Ham and Potato Soup each Saturday. He didn't remember how his dad made it, never had the recipe written down for him before his dad passed away.

I told him I could do a pot of Ham and Potato Soup for him. I had made this for my family and my boss. I am crazy about cooking So I made a pot for him.

The Ham and Potato Soup recipe below is the soup he took home with him the next day for his family. They were delighted. He works the second shift so his wife was sleeping when he got home and put it in the refrigerator but she smelled it coming in the door. She got up and went to the refrigerator and exclaimed "ham and potato soup!" And now he and his wife have the recipe from me.

Kitchen Sink Ham and Potato Soup

Boiled, peeled potatoes, sliced into small cubes
2 or 3 anchovies, chopped or mashed
3 or 4 pieces of hard salami, chopped (you can also fry the salami and then chop it up)
chicken broth
real Parmesan cheese, scraped into the mixture
generous amount of half and half
cooked ham diced or in chunks (I prefer Cumberland Gap)
small amount of carrot shreds (use a potato peeler)
chopped onions to taste
generous amounts of Old Bay Seasoning
white pepper
black pepper
cooked bacon, crispy and crumbled

Start with chicken broth, and add the potatoes. The amount of chicken broth depends on how many potatoes you fixed. Partially mash the potatoes if you wish. Thatís a matter of personal preference. Add the half and half and begin adding the Parmesan cheese. It will take a short time to melt into the soup. Add the rest of the ingredients except the cooked ham. Keep tasting and simmering. Do not boil. Add the ham when you are satisfied with the overall taste. Simmer long enough to heat the ham.

The soup will not need a great deal of salt, as that is one of the ingredients in the Old Bay and in the Parmesan cheese. It will be fairly thick. And it stores in the fridge quite well. My husband was quite impressed


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