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Potato Filling/Stuffing/Dressing for
and Chicken 

This is a very old German family recipe from Lois Wonn Krapf’s mother, Carrie Wonn, my husband’s grandmother. I was raised  by a   mid-western (Oklahoma) mother. She made corn bread stuffing for her Turkey dressing. I never heard dressing called filling until I married my husband, Calvin Krapf. When we first had a holiday dinner with my in-laws she made this recipe for her filling and I never ever had heard of Potato filling before. It is a poor man’s filling or so I was told. It is so yummy that I got the recipe  and  have made it ever since and prefer it to the corn bread stuffing that I was raised with.


Potato Filling (Stuffing/Dressing)


Large onion
3 or 4 stalks celery, sauté in oil slowly until softened.
Pare and boil about 6 medium sized Potatoes. Drain [saving the water for later use in filling] and mash.


Add 2 eggs, 1 bag bread stuffing mix and 1 teaspoon poultry seasoning. Mix thoroughly. Add salt and pepper to taste – and
more poultry   seasoning to suit your taste if necessary. If too dry – add some of the water potatoes were cooked in to moisten
to suit you. [I have always used the potato water or else it is too dry. The bread absorbs a lot of water]

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