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Old Fashioned Steak
 From Steve

My Grandmother made this all her life and learned it from her mother "Anna", who immigrated from Croatia in the late 1890's and settled in the Laural mountain area of Western Pennsylvania. Grandma used to tell me every time she made this that my father would always ask her to make steak the old fashion way, hence the name of the dish, "Steak the old fashion way".

Steak -- The Old Fashioned Way

 *2 lbs. Round steak trimmed of fat and cut into serving size portions.
2 beef bouillon cubes
 1 tbs onion powder or 1/2 small fine grated onion.
1 can Heinz Tomato condensed soup
salt and pepper to taste

Remove fat from steak, I use kitchen shears. Fry the fat until browned and remove. Brown steak in frying pan. Remove steak, add two cups of water and scrape bottom of pan, add bouillon cubes and onion powder, cook until dissolved. Put steak in skillet add more water to just cover steak, bring to a boil reduce heat to a simmer and cook for about 45min with a lid on it.  Meat should be fork tender when ready. Remove steak and add can of tomato soup to broth, mix well. Add a little water if needed to make a thin gravy. Put steak in and simmer 15min longer with lid off. Sauce will thicken. Add water if it gets too thick. You want gravy not too thin or too thick. Add salt and pepper to taste.

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