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From Bonnie

I was visiting my mom in Saskatchewan last week when I saw a book of Traditional German Recipes she had brought home from a family reunion.  When I saw the one called Bubat so many memories came back to me.  I had never had turkey with bread dressing growing up, it was always turkey with Bubat.  When my mom was in the hospital at xmas when I was thirteen I remember making the turkey with bread dressing and how disappointed my father was that I did not stuff it with Bubat.  Both my Grandmothers always made their turkeys with Bubat.  When I got back to work this week I was talking to a coworker about Thanksgiving  which for us Canadians is this weekend and she mentioned she was cooking the turkey and her mother and sister told her they wanted something different than regular dressing as they found it too spicy.  I gave her the recipe for Bubat and hope it turns out for her.  I have never made it myself but am going to try this weekend.


one cup flour        

one cup raisins          

one pinch salt              

two tablespoons sugar   

two tablespoons baking powder     

two eggs    

one-half cup milk   

two tablespoons melted butter 

Recipe Directions:

Sift dry ingredients and add raisins.  Add beaten eggs, milk and melted butter.  Mix.  Bake in pan @350 for 30 minutes. You can also put in turkey cavity lined with double cheesecloth.  Slice, cover with gravy and serve with turkey.

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