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White Chocolate Nut Candy
From Kathryn

This White Chocolate Nut Candy recipe comes from the female relative of a friend named John.  I'm sorry I don't know her name -- there are usually so many people there.  She makes this each year and brings it to my friend's open house around Christmas time.  My husband and our son attend the open house each year.  One year, I just had to ask for the recipe.  I thought it would involve a lot of work and was amazed to find it very easy.  It is a favorite around our home and my office now.

White Chocolate Nut Candy

2 - four ounce packages of white chocolate
small tin of Spanish peanuts
small tin of shelled pistachios
bag of thin stick pretzels

Generously grease a pie pan, preferably Pyrex.  Do not use a good Teflon pan.  You can use a regular metal pie pan. To the pan, add a 1/2 inch layer of a combination of various kinds of nuts, and broken up stick pretzels. Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler stirring constantly.  It does not take long. Pour the mixture over the nuts and pretzels and mix it all up well. Refrigerate the mixture in the pie pan for about an hour. When hard, use a large, sharp butcher knife to cut into chunks.  The chunks will all be different sizes.  That's kind of fun.  Don't try to use a small knife or the chocolate will splinter.

 If you don't want to handle a sharp knife to cut up your chocolate, simply mix the nuts and pretzels into the melted chocolate in the double boiler itself and then drop the chocolate mixture like cookies onto parchment paper and refrigerate it that way.  It will come out tasty but a bit thinner.

The gal who makes this each year stacks them up on a small plate so they look like a jagged mountain.  It is a pretty presentation.


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