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Whipped Cream Chocolate Truffles
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The Request:  I use to make these every year at the holidays and recently received a request for the recipe from an old friend.  Whipped Cream Chocolate Truffles So I thought I would share it with everyone.  Ive used both chocolate chips and blocks of chocolate. A fan of dark chocolate, thats what I use. But you can also use milk chocolate if you wanted too.  Its not hard, you just have to work quickly when you dip them!


Whipped Cream Chocolate Truffles

2 cups chocolate

1 cup heavy whipping cream

tsp salt

tsp vanilla (you can use other flavorings)

Baking sheets covered with waxed paper


Melt the chocolate and cool to about 100 degrees.  Try to keep it at this temperature until needed.  Whip cream until it holds a low peak.  Remove the beaters and slowly add the chocolate a little at a time stirring vigorously!  When all the chocolate it blended in, stir in salt and vanilla and place bowl in the refrigerator.

After it has set, beat until fluffy but only long enough for it to become smooth.  Keep it cool and dont let it get soft and runny.  To create the centers, use a pastry bag (or cone made with parchment) with a tip.  Put some of the batch into the pastry bag and squeeze out pieces about the diameter of a 25-cent piece and about inch high onto the baking sheet covered with waxed paper.  As you fill the baking sheets, place them in the refrigerator for 1-3 hours.  Refill pastry bag and create centers until all the batch is gone.  When the centers are firm, QUICKLY dip each one in melted chocolate (this is additional chocolate Im not sure how much as I always have chocolate left from other projects).  You need to work very quickly at this point or the truffles will melt into the chocolate. I pop each dipped truffle into a small paper cup and sprinkle with chocolate decorations.  Store in a cool place.  This is a good project to do with a friend.

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