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Candy Cookies
From Kyle

When my mother was young her mother made these candy cookies for them to eat.  They didn't have a lot of food but what they did have came from their garden.  Also, they used everything up one way or another.  So my grandma would take the icing left over from a cake and put it on saltine crackers making a sandwich  This is how she would use up the leftover icing.  These became "Candy Cookies".   Growing up in Southern Utah and learning the same thing about using what we have,  we made them too.  I make them for my children also. We love them, when I made them I remember that my mom and grandma grow up going with out and having to make due.

Candy Cookies

Saltine Crackers and icing. 

 You spread the icing on one side of two crackers and make a sandwich.  Let them set for a while to set up.  Enjoy!!!


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