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Uriah's Best Budget Breakfast
From Susan

My grandpa lived with us - my father and I. My father was military and towards the end of the month, money was tight. This is mostly a breakfast item, but makes a great dinner also. The amount can be adjusted up or down for additional people. I know the name of it is terrible, but that is what it was called.

Uriah's Best Budget Breakfast

1 pound loose ground sausage
6 or 8 eggs
6 potatoes
small amount butter or margarine
onions if desired
cheese if desired

Peel and dice potatoes, cook till about half done in small amount of margarine or butter. Now, add sausage and cook completely, mixing well with the potatoes. This will look a little greasy by now, but don't drain.

Stir together eggs, adding a little water if wanted.

Pour egg mixture over potato and sausage mixture, stirring gently till eggs are cooked through. The eggs manage to absorb all the oil/grease and cook up fluffy.

Top with your favorite cheese if wanted, cover till just melted.
Very hot and tasty - enjoy!

This can be made for more people, just increase eggs and/or potatoes. We find it cooks well in a cast iron skillet, but any pan will do (of course).


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