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Bob's Shrimp Ball
From AnnMarie

 My youngest son, Bob, is always asked to bring this Shrimp Ball and sauce wherever he goes so I asked him if I could use it. Not sure where it actually came from but everyone likes it.

Bob's Shrimp Ball

2 (8 oz packages of brick Philly cream cheese)
1 small onion minced
3 (4.25 oz cans baby shrimp)
Horseradish (Bob uses homemade)

Leave the cream cheese out for awhile it makes it easier to mash, it should be semi-smooth.  Drain the shrimp place in a bowl and mash, with a fork till flaky. Peel and mince 1 small yellow onion.  Combine all 3 items, blending well. Line a round bowl with plastic wrap add mixture and chill for 2 to  4 hours.

TO SERVE: Turn bowl upside down on platter and release mixture to platter. Pour sauce over ball serve with crackers.
1 oz lemon juice with some rind
1 (14 oz bottled catsup)
4 tbs. bottled horseradish ( or start with 2 tsp. homemade) to taste.  

Mix well you can use any cracker like water crackers, plain Ritz etc.

 This looks pretty if you use a glass dish or platter, place the shrimp ball in a smaller dish in the center pour the sauce over it and place the crackers around the larger plate.

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